Trick Question

This game is all about getting your mind to think outside of the box, not over thinking it, but also not under thinking it. I think Trick Question is a fun game overall.

Set Up/Pieces

This game includes:

  • 100 cards each with 4 questions
  • US! and THEM! poles
  • 32 question tiles
  • one sand timer

To set up the game, pull out or leave in the cards (depends on your preference- I like inside the box.) Place the sand timer on the side of your game area, and place the US! and THEM! totems in the center of the game area. Now you’re ready to go.

The Play

To start play, split up into to two teams. Now, someone can flip over a puzzle token. The color is the question next being read. Then, they can read a puzzle corresponding to the color of the token. Immediately after the card has been read, the two teams try to grab a totem. If one team grabs US! then they answer the puzzle. If a team grabs THEM! then the opposite team has to answer the question. If the team who grabbed US! does not answer in time, the other team gets the token.But if they answer in time, they get the token. If the team that was themmed doesn’t answer in time, or gets it incorrect,  then the other team gets the token. If the themmed team gets it correct, then they get two tokens one for answering correctly, and one for working under pressure.

First one to ten wins!

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