The Grand Museum of Art

The Grame Museum of Art

The Grand Museum of Art is a fun and educational art game for family game nights. It is for 2-4 players, and the recommended age is 12+, but really it just depends on how interested your child is and how comfortable you are with the subject matter in some of the true to life depictions of actual works of art.

Object of the Game

In the game, the Museum Director has up and left the museum. The players, as curators, are tasked with increasing visitor attendance in order to keep The Grand Museum of Art up and running. Curators attempt to mount popular exhibitions by collecting (through game play) works of art under central themes (as indicated on the Exhibition cards). Once an exhibition is complete, the player scores the number of popularity points shown on the card. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

How to Play

The Artwork cards are shuffled and a certain number (depending on the number of players) are dealt to each person. The art cards are placed face up in front of the player. The remainder of the Artwork cards are placed in the center of the board to be acquired throughout the game. Each Artwork card includes the title of the work and name of the artist.

Each player then picks a number of Exhibition cards (depending on the number of players). These cards are kept secret and indicate the works of art needed for an exhibit to be complete. The players work throughout the game to collect the works of art in their exhibitions. There are also opportunities to return Exhibition cards and pick new ones (randomly).

Attn! Some works of art are featured on more than one Exhibition card, so more than one player may be looking for the same card!

Single works of art in a player’s collection are also worth individual points at the end of the game.

All players begin with their token (sculpture) at the Museum Cafe space. They roll the die and move clockwise through the gallery. Each space they land on will require a certain action to be taken.

Explanation of Squares and Cards

  • Acquisition – pick an Artwork card from the top of this pile and add it to your collection
  • Art Dealer – select a specific card from the Artwork pile. Another player asks a question (silly or smart – your choice) about the piece and, if you answer correctly, you keep that piece for your collection
  • Exchange – exchange one of your works of art with another player (your choice)
  • Auction – select the top Artwork card; all players roll dice and highest roller gets the card
  • Misfortune – select the top card from this pile and perform action
  • Chance – select the top card from this pile and perform action
  • Exhibition – player has 3 options: pick top card from this pile; return an unwanted card to this pile; or go public with a completed collection (limit once per turn). Attn! once a card has been used in an Exhibit, it cannot be taken from the player; but that player may use it in another collection of their own
  • Theft – Take an Artwork card from another player
  • Insurance – Pick an Insurance card (protects player from exchanges, theft, or misfortune)
  • Museum Cafe and Shop – Rest & relax – nothing happens on this space

End of the Game

Game play ends 5 rounds after the last of the Artwork cards has been picked. During these last rounds, the Acquisition, Auction, and Art Dealer spaces act as Exhibition or Theft spaces.

At the end, players add up popularity points on all completed Exhibitions cards and all Artwork cards. Players then subtract the points on any incomplete Exhibition cards.

The player with the most points becomes the Director of the Grand Museum of Art and wins the game!

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