Blizzard of ’77

Blizzard of 77 case Cover
Blizzard of 77 case Cover
Blizzard of 77 case Cover

Blizzard of ’77 is a “Monopoly like” game where two to six players have to drive around to various and get supplies before and then during the great blizzard of 1977. This is a regional game that takes place in greater Buffalo New York and inspired by the historic snowstorm that hit Buffalo, New York. Created by Buffalo native Charles P. Marino, this game captures the challenges faced during the infamous 1977 blizzard.

The toy cars that will act as player pieces

Players receive a game set complete with blizzard cards, weather cards, destination cards, two dice, and six playing pieces in the shape of cars from the 1970s.

The two sides of the playing board… Sunny and BLIZZARD

The objective is simple: players roll the dice, move their tokens, and attempt to safely return home from various errands like the bank, grocery store, hardware pharmacy and work. The game begins on the Sunny Side of the board. However, when a player draws the BLIZZARD STRIKES card, the board transitions to the Snowy Side, introducing chaos. Players then face hurdles like snowdrifts, stalled vehicles, and empty fuel tanks. As they navigate Buffalo’s streets, they must collect all 4 destination cards before the storm hits.

The 5 destination cards

This game is years out of print but you can still find it on eBay. Take note that the inventor marketed this game to many different cities during and after 1977 and 1978 storms. There is a version for Boston and one for Minnesota but the only TRUE version is the Buffalo version which is only labeled BLIZZARD ’77